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Linoleum Komitex Lin is easy to lay and unpretentious in care. You will be able to lay the cover yourself - for this you need to follow the following rules:


The dimension of the room. Measure the largest width and length of the room, taking into account doorways, niches and ledges. Taking into account the error and the curvature of the walls, add the width of 5 cm in length - the value taking into account the doorways. The selection of the width of the roll. Select the appropriate roll width to avoid joining seams. Komitex Lin products are produced from 1.5 m to 4.0 m wide, depending on the collection.Tooling. Make sure you have the following tools: tape measure, long metal ruler, sharp safety knife, toothed spatula with replaceable inserts A1 and A2, compression roller for appendage - 50 kg (or cork Board), double - sided fabric tape, masking tape,specialized adhesive for PVC-linoleum based polymer dispersion.


The durability of the coating, its strength and appearance depend on the preparation of the floor base, it is especially important for laying the coating in the office.
For laying PVC linoleum base surface must be:
Dry. At the device of coverings it is necessary to observe requirements to humidity of the basis which shall make for panels of interfloor coverings no more than 4%, couplers on the basis of cement, polymeric and plaster knitting no more than 5%, and couplers from wood-fiber plates no more than 12%.
Smooth. If there are differences in height, the leveling mixture should be applied to the entire surface of the base and dried in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Durable. To prepare the base should be used cementogenesis mixture.
Clean. Stains from oil, paint, grease, etc.can cause discoloration of the coating. Without cracks. Cracks and notches must be carefully aligned cementogenesis mixture.To avoid displacement, the coating is fixed on both sides with double-sided tape.

For leveling the surface of the base is recommended:
- level the concrete floor with the leveling mixture ;
- cover the wooden floor with sheets of high-quality 8-10 mm plywood or fiberboard, nailed in increments of 150 mm, close up the holes with mastic or putty;
- tiled floor to strengthen, cleanse, fill tile joints with levelling compound, treating with a suitable primer ;
- remove carpeting, clean the surface, apply a leveling layer;
- remove vinyl coatings, remove glue residues from the base, prepare the base.


1. Unpacking.
When transporting, loading and unloading linoleum should be taken measures to ensure safety from moisture, damage, pollution. Rolls should be stored in a dry closed room at a temperature not lower than + 10 C.
Unpack linoleum should be indoors at a temperature not lower than + 15 C. in the case of transportation of rolls at a temperature from 0 C to +10 C, unpacking should be carried out not earlier than 24 hours, and at a temperature below 0 C - not earlier than 48 hours after transfer to a warm room. For 2-3 days before laying linoleum rolls should be unpacked in a dry room at a temperature not lower than + 15 C, unfolded pattern up-this will improve the laying procedure.

2. Fit.
When using multiple linoleum paintings need to monitor the coincidence of the picture. If necessary make allowance for the selection of the pattern. Linoleum is laid up so that the coating fits snugly to the wall.If the walls are uneven, the coating is laid with an overlap on the wall to 0.5 cm At mating pieces, the abutting edges are overlapped to align the pattern. In this position, the linoleum is kept for at least two days until the disappearance of the undulation.Prirezka is carried out in 2-3 days after stabilization of the sizes of the pasted panels. In order to color shades of the picture when combining the same, it is recommended to purchase pieces from one batch or from one roll. The location of seams should be avoided in places of intensive loading.

3. Trim the edge.
To avoid slippage, the coating is fixed on both sides with double-sided tape.Prirezka the outer corners. Linoleum pressed to the point of junction of the wall and floor, along the corner of the wall is cut, the coating is diluted to the sides.
Prirezka of the interior angles. Gradually cut the corner of a piece of linoleum on the diagonal, while the coating just will not lie down in the corner.Final cut. After the coating is laid around the corners and ledges, the final cut along the walls is made. Linoleum pressed into the corner between the wall and the floor, gradually cut off small pieces with a knife. Final prirezka done gradually! It is necessary to leave a gap of 5 mm along each wall.

4. Elimination of defects.
If you find defects on the roll of bending or dents, it is recommended to eliminate them by heating with a technical Hairdryer. To eliminate the defect, hold the hair dryer with one hand at a distance of 20 cm from the coating and heat the surface of the linoleum to 80 C. Heating occurs within 10 minutes for a width of 1 meter with a uniform movement of the air jet. Simultaneously with the heating with the other hand smooth the hot surface of the rolling roller for 1 minute. For complete disappearance of defects after carrying out the above works it is recommended to start the next step not earlier than in 24 hours.

5. Adhesives.
Linoleum is recommended to stick over the entire surface of the dispersion adhesives for PVC -, linoleum in accordance with the requirements of SNiP 3.04.01-87.

а) The installation of the cover without a seam.
Bend half of the coating, apply an even layer of glue to the floor surface in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
Cover carefully put in place so as not to form air bubbles;
Spend on the floor surface of the compression roller to remove air residues;
Repeat with the remaining half of the coverage.
It is necessary to sustain time after application of glue according to the instruction of the producer. If the applied glue is not contained, bubbles are formed, if overexposed, the stickiness is lost.

б) Laying the coating with a seam.
When laying the coating with the seam, the place of joining of the canvases leave not smeared until the last cutting of the joint. Joints are cut through in 2-3 days after the main pasting of panels. Linoleum remains dry for at least a day at a temperature of not less than 15 C and humidity up to 75%.
Installation of a plinth and welding of a joint is made after full drying of glue.

6. Sealing of seams.

For proper installation of PVC linoleum must be carefully sealed seams to avoid dirt, water, delamination of the coating from the base, the formation of bubbles. Edges of the welded cloths are fused by methods of "cold" and " hot " welding.

а) Cold welding.
Cold welding method allows you to get a durable, aesthetic, waterproof seam. It does not require special equipment. Household and semi-commercial coatings are welded in a cold way.
After a day, after laying the coating, you can start welding the seams in a cold way. For welding, a special glue is used in a tube with a nozzle for polyester-based coatings. The middle of the seam is glued with a special adhesive tape, so as not to damage the edges of the coatings. The tip of the nozzle is inserted into the seam and moves along for deep penetration of the glue.
The surface of the tape should be wetted to a width of 5 mm. After 8 minutes, the liquid for welding on the surface of the tape will dry and the tape is removed by pulling back. The coating can be operated 24-72 hours after welding.

б) Hot welding
The method of hot welding is used only if the linoleum is fully glued to the base and is recommended for commercial coatings, wet rooms and heated floors. To connect the coating webs by this method requires a special cord and welding machine or hair dryer ("Leister", Switzerland), also used electric rustication"JANSER". Hot welding should be started one day after laying the coating to ensure the best result. The cord is inserted into the joints of the coating. The welding temperature is indicated on the cord reel. After welding to complete cooling (to avoid shrinkage), cut off excess cord. Excess cord is removed in 2 stages: first, a special knife inserted into the guide, remove the upper part, after cooling the welding spot trim irregularities.

7. Laying on heated floors.

The heated floor should be heated during the month as usual. For 1-2 days before laying heating must be turned off. After laying the flooring, the heating system should not be switched on for another 2 days. Next, you need to gradually increase the temperature by 3-5 degrees per day to reach the desired temperature. The maximum temperature at the junction of the floor covering and the floor base should be no more than 30 degrees.
To glue the coating, choose a glue that provides adhesion to the surface at the desired floor temperature. (see the instructions on the glue package).


After 48 hours after installation, you can wash the floor with warm water. For constant care of PVC - linoleum used warm soap solution applied with a soft brush or cloth. You can also use special care products for vinyl flooring.
Do not use products containing abrasive substances (cleaning powders), chemical solvents (acetone, ethyl acetate), dishwashing detergent. Furniture and other items can be placed on the floor 48 hours after installation.
To protect against damage when rearranging furniture is recommended to use the nozzle for the legs. When moving to enclose under legs of furniture fabric, cardboard or felt linings. Before entering the room, it is advisable to use mats or grids. Rubber-based mats should be avoided. The contact of the coating with rubber leaves indelible stains on the surface. Got on the linoleum and tar cream for Shoe polishing remove immediately.


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