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In order to find the right PVC flooring, you should determine the type of room and what the load will be in it.

The degree of load on the floor can be different: low, medium, high. We recommend that you follow the classification of coatings according to the load level set out in the European standard EN 685.


The classification takes into account:

-  the type of room indicated by the first digit of the class;

-  intensity of use-the second digit of the class.

The class of coverage corresponds to the type of room in which it will be used:

Living quarters- 21, 22, 23

Classes Office space- 31,32,33, 34

Classes Production facilities- 41, 42, 43 classes

The main indicators that determine the compliance of the coating to a particular class of premises are: .

  • the group of abrasion; .
  • the thickness of the protective layer.

Abrasion determines the ability of PVC flooring to resist wear of the protective layer and is one of the indicators of its durability.
According to the degree of abrasion PVC flooring materials are divided into 4 groups:

- practically non-erasable Group T (∆L ≤ 0.08)

- slightly erasable group P (0.08≤∆L ≤ 0.15))

- moderately abrasion group M (0.15≤∆L≤ 0.30)

- highly erasable group F (0.30 ≤∆l≤ 0.60) )

* ∆L-wear layer thickness loss, mm.

All collections are produced on  "Komitex Lin", have a protective layer of a group T, and are practically abradable materials. The loss of the wear layer thickness is up to 0.035 mm, which in turn is more than 2 times higher than the standard value, and this allows the coating to last longer. This is due to the fact that the protective layer is made by calendering method - pressing at high pressure and high temperature, which allows to obtain a protective layer of high density compared to the protective layer made by plastisol method. This is what causes the high rates of wear resistance and service life of the products of LLC "Komitex Lin".

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